четверг, 16 февраля 2012 г.

Void 0.4

It took more time than it should again. But not like anyone cares, as lack of feedback shows.


Besides usual laziness and distractions it took that much because I had kind of writers block. I did not knew how best to do that thing, when you attack some lonely ship and suddenly his allies come to rescue. It was done in Void 1, but it had problems with flow of backup sometimes being infinite.

In the end, I made it more or less same as before, but with some limiter. Game keep track on how much of ships was deployed this way, and next ones have lesser chance to arrive. Untill time passes or you move to other place in space.

Also, now there is different equipment for all five slots of the ship, though they is not much to choose from yet And all of it can be dropped by destroyed ship..

пятница, 6 января 2012 г.

Void II 0.3 - hot keys and commodities


Equipment (generally, weapons) can now be hot-keyed
Commodities fully implemented, including weight, variable prices, buying and selling in bulk etc. So, now it is possible to do space trade.

Many other fixes and improvements, mostly in equipment management department.

вторник, 8 ноября 2011 г.

Void Wars aka Void 2

Some guy on Kong suggested I make a dev blog for void 2 (it's in my shouts lists there, if you are interested) 
So, here it is. Bog and early,early alpha of the infamous Void 2, aka Void Wars.

Sorry it took such an inexcusable amount of time - I was rewritting it from scratch, and was distracted by other projects... Well.

There is not much to do in 0.1, but all the core stuff is present - stations you can trade with, ships that you can pick fight with, etc.

I hope to reach playabiliy level compared to final version of Void in few days, and get to Void Wars 1.0 in few weeks. What to be expected, compared to Void.

1. Dynamic world. Yes, that means it will be possible to capture stations. And reputation system - including between factions. Also, nearly any action of player (or somebody else) will have some permanent effect on the game world. For example, killing of trade ship in the space will reduce trade rating of nearby stations, reducing availability of things to buy there - and increasing prices. Or, if there is a pirate station nearby, they will hunt trade ships too, making less of them, making trade station set a bounty for killing pirates. If player will not hunt down pirates, then some military station in area can do this instead. Then traders will pay bounty to soldiers, and soldiers will use it to buy new ships (some of which were destroyed by pirates), which will make some construction yard richer, etc, etc. I'll try to keep it simple, but powerful.

2. Looks. New engine with 3d models and impressive light effects (read-explosions). Now ship models are pretty simplistic - mostly because I had no time to pimp them up, and also because I was limited by pre-native-3d flash engine. But I hope it will eventually look as good as any other space sim.

3. Bling. Diverse equipment, with lots of mods. At any moment you can have "equipped" one of each: hull, weapon, generator, shields, thrusters, computer, each having permanent effect on your performance. Also, you can have any amount of thingies that are not affecting you all the time, but can be triggered for some amount of energy at any time for some effect, like dropping a nuclear bomb, replenishing some hp, teleporting you from or to the fight, etc.

4. Some kind of plot. Not much of talks (especially as I'm not good with writing in English), but something too give a reason to a grind. Mostly it revolves around "void", which is a real in-game substance.

5. Henchmen. NPC following and fighting for you - on their ships, and/or as co-pilots on your own ship, giving you some extra bonuses. And - robotic combat drones you can carry with you and release to make fights even more crowded. All that will be necessary if you are going to pick up on some really big target, like station.

6. "Leveling up" will be different too, and will have three main components.

First is "Void Core", which is a magic thingie, powering your ship (or any other non-drone ships in game). You can make it stronger by destroying and scavenging other ships, getting "void shards" as rewards for quests, etc. The bigger you "Void Core" is, the more you have hp and energy, and can afford better equipment (which uses more energy).

Second is you fame - you will need it to get more/better sidekicks.

Third is skills - trained by using. Similar to "achievements" from Void, but will give you related bonuses, instead of exp. So, to deal more damage with plasma weapons, you will have to kill things with plasma, etc. Each time you kill, you get some points towards combat skills, depending on what you and your enemy had equipped. Each time you complete a quest, you get points toward some non-combat skills.

Aaand, here is the link for Void Wars 0.1 Hope it works. Comments, suggestions, etc welcomed.