четверг, 16 февраля 2012 г.

Void 0.4

It took more time than it should again. But not like anyone cares, as lack of feedback shows.


Besides usual laziness and distractions it took that much because I had kind of writers block. I did not knew how best to do that thing, when you attack some lonely ship and suddenly his allies come to rescue. It was done in Void 1, but it had problems with flow of backup sometimes being infinite.

In the end, I made it more or less same as before, but with some limiter. Game keep track on how much of ships was deployed this way, and next ones have lesser chance to arrive. Untill time passes or you move to other place in space.

Also, now there is different equipment for all five slots of the ship, though they is not much to choose from yet And all of it can be dropped by destroyed ship..

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  1. im not sure "But not like anyone cares, as lack of feedback shows." is the right thing to say, void 1 is my favorite flash game! and so far "void 2/void wars?" (unsure of name xD) seems very good! i like how it has so many diffrent kinds of weps!
    thing that I think is needed most for know is the leveling system, looks very promising! plz dont stop working on it!!! <3

  2. I really loved void also. I would like to see void 2 be more challenging because after reaching a certain point in void 1 there wasn't any challenge.

    1. There was a challenge. The deliveries and transporting was long as hell.

  3. I love the graphics of void 2. Now if i have some free time i may be able to understand more how it works. Thanks alot of putting your time in it.

  4. I'm sorry that critical reception has been lacking; I've been really interested in this kind of project being made, and Void was a really great view into how such a thing would be made. I do hope that future updates on the game come easier to you, and that life in general improves. Thank you for giving us Void, and for making it such an interesting and complex game. :-)

  5. i know this is an old post, but here's hoping you are still active. i only found this page when i came back to play void 1. this game is looking fantastic, and i can imagine tough is must be to continue when this much hard work has been put into it and you get almost no response. although you may only have 5 followers, everyone one of us is here to support you! don't be discouraged, we understand how much work game creation takes, and appreciate all the time you've put into this. keep being awesome. :)